The Truth About Magic

“There is something you need to know about magic,” said Sean.

“I know,” replied Gary. “It always has a price.”

“What? No. Who told you that?”

“Everybody,” said Gary.

“Well, everybody is wrong.”

“But what about the laws of thermodynamics?”

“If magic followed the rules of thermodynamics, it wouldn’t be magic, would it?”

“But surely there must be some grounding in physics,” said Gary. “Maybe quantum physics?”

“Quantum physics only works on a tiny scale. If you were going to conjure a teacup the size of an atom, then maybe quantum physics would apply. But who the hell would want to do that?”

“All right,” said Gary. “So throw thermodynamics, physics, all that out the window. Got it. What’s it going to cost me? Do I have to sell my soul? Do I have to give up part of my life force? Does it only work if I really, really believe it?”

Sean laughed. “What have you been reading?”

“Oh just every story ever written where someone used magic.”

“That’s fiction,” said Sean. “This is the real thing.”

“Okay, so what do I need to know about magic then?” asked Gary.

Sean snapped his fingers and a small dragon materialized beside him. It curled up in his lap, swishing its tail contentedly as he scratched it between the horns.

“Magic is fucking awesome.”

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  1. I’m just glad to find some of your stuff I haven’t read. Hope we get to see these in print someday.

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