The Prophecies of Kimberly, From Accounts Payable

I asked Twitter to give me a cliche they were particularly tired of to see if I could do anything interesting with it without having to completely subvert it. This is the result.

The chosen tropes are Destiny, The Chosen One, and Secret Relative. Hope you like it.


The interviewer sat behind a small metal desk in a cramped brightly lit room. She glanced at her paperwork, then at Hanifa, then wrote something down.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Hanifa, catching the nervous energy in her own voice. Her inability to tamp it down didn’t trouble her. People were nervous during job interviews. It was normal, expected. “I couldn’t catch a cab. And when I did catch a cab, I left my phone in it by accident and wasn’t sure which building it was.”

The interviewer said nothing, only scribbled on her papers.… Read the rest “The Prophecies of Kimberly, From Accounts Payable”

Women and Other Alien Creatures


I’m in the process of rereading your catalogue, studying how you put a story together and how it has changed over time. I’m intrigued that you write using female protagonists, and do so quite well nearly all the times you do so. Would you expand upon this and its process?


There’s a lot to this question, and I can’t possibly break it all down in one post, but I can cover the generalities.

Yes, I use a lot of female protagonists in my stories. This wasn’t always true. My first efforts, all those unpublished novels I wrote while in the aspiring phase of my career, had male protagonists. They had female characters in them, but they were always in a supporting character role, and while female characters tended to get more of the spotlight with each story, it wasn’t until I wrote A Nameless Witch that I went with a female protagonist.… Read the rest “Women and Other Alien Creatures”