An ode to Valentine’s Day, Cosmic Horror Style. Hope you enjoy it, Action Force.


They sing my praises. Oh, how they sing. Their words drift from the cliffs overlooking the angry sea, swallowed up by the crashing waves, sinking to the unexplored depths, where the sleeping city waits. Where I wait, mostly forgotten, but never completely. There will always be those who remember, those I touch in their dreams, those who can hear my whispers.

They think they love me, but the truth is that they have no choice but to adore me, those that find me. It is in their nature, and while I pity them for it, I find no love in it. At the bottom of the sea, in the cold darkness, I hear their cries of worship. And I only feel more alone.

It is a terrible loneliness I carry across eternity.… Read the rest “THAT WHICH MAY ETERNAL LOVE”


First thing:

MONSTER RUN, the Chinese language movie based on my novel, MONSTER, is currently streaming on Netflix. Probably worth checking out if you’re the kind of person that would drop in on this site. And if you’re a new visitor drawn here by whatever strange forces of fate compelled you to visit an unfamiliar author’s website, you can feel free to check it out as well. I won’t stand in your way.

I’ve been a professional novelist for 16 years now, an aspiring novelist for another 13 years before that. Yes, I’ve been writing, professionally or otherwise, for nearly 30 years now. Which is pretty crazy when I pause to think about it. Fortunately, I don’t do that very often.

When first pursuing this career, I had simple aspirations. Write stories. Get paid for them. Hopefully earn enough that I didn’t starve.… Read the rest “A. LEE’S STRANGE CHINESE MOVIE ADVENTURE”