A Mortal Peace

The man found her eventually. She wasn’t expecting this particular man, but it was bound to be someone. Even gods could only deny the world so long.

He approached her home, pausing to catch his breath. Sitting on her porch, she studied him.

The climb to her home wouldn’t have been easy, even for a young mortal. This mortal was not young. Gray streaked his hair. Wrinkles covered his face. He was in decent shape for a man his age, but time–while not always cruel to mortal men–was never kind.

He knelt before her, bowed his head. “Oh great and noble Queen of Sword, I’ve come–”

“Care for some tea?” she asked.

He struggled to gather his derailed thoughts.

“I have some cookies, too,” she said. “You’re probably hungry.”

He dared look at her directly. “I am.”

She rose, gesturing to her vacated seat.… Read the rest “A Mortal Peace”