Fire and Fist

Hey, Action Force. Here’s a short story I posted years ago that got lost when I updated the site. It’s part of Demon with 10,000 Fists: a setting where magic exists but manifests in very personalized ways. Haven’t really done anything with it, but this story stands on its own. Enjoy.


A lady can’t help but contemplate her life choices when she’s punching a man in the face for a rent-controlled apartment.

In my defense, the guy was trying to set me on fire at the time.

Dragon stumbled back and wiped away the blood dripping from his nose. He chuckled and smiled. “You can’t beat me.”

I adjusted my stance, held my fists out before me, and motioned for him to make a move. “I can always beat a gimmick.”

“You think your insults are going to make me sloppy?… Read the rest “Fire and Fist”