Beyond the seas, above the clouds, there existed the Realm of Dragons. To adequately describe its grand splendor would have been a nearly impossible feat for even the most skilled narrator. But the dragon hatcheries, which lay within the dark, cold, wet bowels of the realm were easy enough to describe.

They were dark. They were cold. And they were wet.

The silver drake approached the checkout counter. She said nothing, barely even glanced at Silas, as she handed him her engraved token.

“Be right back.”

Silas trudged deeper into the hatcheries. He stepped in a puddle, which was expected. The whole place was a puddle with occasional bits of moist, muddy ground. Most dragons didn’t mind the conditions, but as a peluda, his fur was getting mildewed.

On the way, he passed Gen, carrying a few eggs back to their parents.… Read the rest “Silas”