To Series or Not to Series (mailbag)

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Let’s get to the question:

Kent writes:

One of my biggest issues is that every new book I write automatically lends itself to a series. But after a couple of books I’m usually bored and ready to move on to another book and set of characters.

I’ve been rereading some of our books and noticed despite creating some of the most three dimensional and interesting characters that would be perfect for a series all of your books never produced a sequel.Read the rest “To Series or Not to Series (mailbag)”

Two Hearts for Cupid

Hi, A.Leegion. How’s it going? Here’s some new short fiction. Hope you enjoy it.

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Life in Rockwood

The only time Binnie had been in love was in fourth grade with Jerry Potato. She couldn’t remember his real last name, but it either rhymed with potato or sounded close enough. He also hated being called Jerry, preferring Gerome or Gerald or whatever. Another thing she couldn’t remember. Kids being kids, the name Jerry Potato stuck.

Binnie and Jerry Potato had shared a passionate affair on the playground. The kind only nine year olds could. It culminated with a kiss behind the slides. They’d drifted apart the next day when she’d decided she liked Steve who had the cool confidence to come to school with a Care Bears lunch box.… Read the rest “Two Hearts for Cupid”